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March 26, 2020


I wrote this the other day
Post Pandemic Predictions

Milestone events change behaviors and re-shape society. We’ve seen it with AIDS, 9/11 and Covid-19 will perhaps be the most dramatic stimulus for change ever. These are some opinions I have about what’s to come, though surely, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We're someplace we've never been so there's great unpredictability. Some changes will be short-term, and others will be permanent. Feel free to agree, disagree, add your own.

• Handshakes will become obsolete. Replaced by fist or elbow bump. Will the European double cheek kiss remain?
• Stadium events such as ball games and concerts will decline. This may also hold true for religion—churches, synagogues, etc
• Tele-Teaching and remote learning will rise
• Tele commuting will increase and city populations will decline
• Tele-Medicine will rise and other dramatic healthcare changes. This will include robotic diagnostics
• Conversational software artificial intelligence chatbots will accelerate to be more human-like. This is not Siri or Alexa, but simulating human conversation, with learning and an ongoing cumulative knowledgebase. This will have impact for telemedicine and diagnostics, as well as robotic companionship. Loneliness issues will be partly addressed this way.
• Online religion will increase, (as will scams)
• Greater appreciation for Dr’s, nurses and teachers
• Virtual Reality experiences and hardware will explode in popularity
• Airport security will include temperature scanning
• Luxury status goods will lose their allure and cache in place of quality with function
• Gardening will become a more popular hobby, with other self-sustainable habits
• More thought and care about leadership

Insightful article. Great job.

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