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January 21, 2020


Very important piece, Richard.

Hence, SAVVY AUNTIE and the PANK (Professional Aunts No Kids) demographic.

As fewer women become mothers, and those who do are more likely to give birth to their first child in their thirties or forties, than in their twenties. That's where the influential new female consumer - the PANK (Professional Aunt No Kids) comes into play (literally!)

My decade+ research and insights into this tribe of child-loving aunts shows that while motherhood is trending down, aunthood is trending up. More women without children of their own - by circumstance (like myself), choice or challenge, identify as playing an active and loving role in the lives of their nieces and nephews by relation and/or by choice.

My 2018 PANK research found 18.4 million American PANKs ages 20-50 or 23 million PANKs in all. These women are an affluent, generous, emergent consumer tribe. While 86% of PANKs have at least two nieces and nephews in their life, 13% of PANKs have 10 or more nieces and nephews ages 0-18. With a conservative estimate of 2.5 nieces and nephews per PANK, these aunts collectively spend an astonishing $61 billion on the babies, children and teens they love, each year.

Moreover, this market opportunity does not include the average $1,521 spent on
occasional big-ticket items, or the average $232 spent on newborn niece and nephew gifts. Plus, 63 percent have contributed to a niece's or nephew’s education. PANKs not only lavish gifts on the children they love, nearly two-thirds (67%) have given gifts to parents to help provide for their child or children.

It's no surprise since a whopping 91% of PANKs say their role as aunt is "very important" to them.

Bottom line: If toy marketers want to expand their consumer-base, look no further than PANKs. We may be secondary caregivers, but we are the primary gift-givers.

For more information, including how much PANKs spend on each niece and nephew on toys and games each year, and on newborn gifts including baby gear - brand marketers can connect with me at melanie@savvyauntie.com

Thank you, Richard.
- Melanie Notkin @savvyauntie

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