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September 23, 2019


This is basically DRM, and lots of people really dislike it. I'm not sure if its enough to hurt hasbro, but it might be enough for competitors to squeeze in with more guns themselves.

Nerf blasters. Nerf darts. Not, guns and bullets.

I'm surprised that Hasbro has come out with a product like this with all the controversy about "GUN CONTROL" and here they are putting a gun with bullets on the market. I would not be surprised if they wind up with a series of PICKETS
at their office. They should be ashamed of themselves.

You are right and I have corrected the article.

some people do miss the biggest issue why we need to be careful about pirating. I come from s designers point of view and also someone who makes their living from their intellectual property. The most sever issue is safety. When we design kids products we have to go through alot of protocols to make sure it s safe. then the products go through rigorous testing to make sure its safe, it free from lead paint etc... While the product may be cheaper it is usually not safe. Don;t buy cheap knock off baby products, the results can be deadly.

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