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August 5, 2019


Great comments, fully agree.

This spin here is interesting but the fact is tariff's and Yuan devaluation are not in anyway good for the toy industry. Our vendors have all contracted and purchased for the materials and component parts well in advance so the chances of companies getting price concessions due to currency this year are marginal. Maybe for the big guys that can muscle suppliers but not small and medium size firms. also, what happens when the 10% escalates to 25%? China cannot go that fare. the Yuan hasn't been to that level in 30 years. the cost will come back to us in absorbing or passing along the tariff. Trump operates on emotion and instinct. He's a bully and he feels he's stronger than China today and can push them around so he does it without thought of near term or long term consequences. that's always bad. Not sure if tariffs will hit or not but either way there is no win for the toy industry and not good news.

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