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January 24, 2019


The evening news was 15 minutes long, and watched by fathers, not mothers. The world we explored was a block long, a block wide, maybe two, and if we were adventurous and dared beyond that perimeter, we quickly returned. Our friends lived next door or down the street. We felt safe because we knew those kids and the neighbors without kids. Grown ups watched out for us, all grown ups did. So we had multiple mothers ready to tell the ones we lived with if we dared do something stupid with the bb guns, slingshots, bows and arrows that we were gifted by didn't know how to use.

We used to play with Jarts at my grandmas house. Back then we didnt have internet, we didnt know they were banned. We would throw them straight up and run like heck. How did we survive the 70's

Half the stuff we played with in the 70's would be illegle today.

THis should be a room at the strong museum. " toys that would be illegle to make today"

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