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August 3, 2018


One of the problems with this type of calculation, it that pretty much every store that expands their toy departments or adds a new toy section, is adding the same basic selection formula as each other: generally the top toy sellers for each category with emphasis on licensed properties and toys from the big manufacturers. With a smattering of educational toys, games, and impulse items thrown in. If a TRU store averaged 30,000 square feet, you could probably guesstimate how much square footage they used for each section: action figures, dolls, preschool, ride-ons and bikes, seasonal, plush, games, electronics, etc.etc etc. But many of those sections will hardly see representation at all in expanded toy sections of existing brick and mortar stores. If you had placed all of the top selling toys and categories in a Toys R Us store in one big 5,000 square foot section called "Toys R Us Greatest Hits", that is the core section that would be, in some form or another, ( in obviously much less than 5,000 sf,) replicated in new stores or old store expansion . The other imaginary 25,000 square feet, holding the less-than-stellar sellers, classic toys, unadvertised, orphan, unlicensed, (but probably REALLY FUN!) playthings, are the ones that will probably not be found anywhere except online. Maybe.

I hope I'm explaining myself... I'm a visual person. So I am imagining, if you created a graph using the square footage of all the TRU stores, and tried to fill it, using the square footage of new and expanded toy stores, you couldn't actually do it because much of that square footage will never be filled by the same variety and types of toys TRU carried.

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