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May 14, 2018


TRU employees are victims of egregious mismanagement by "money guys" with no real interest in learning the toy business. With the demise of TRU on has to wonder what the future holds for the toy industry, As a 30+ year veteran of the toy industry I'm saddened by where I see the industry is headed.

Respectfully, I don't know ANYONE besides the judge who approved the payout, who actually thought the execs would stay. In certain cases in the past, TRU would pay moving expenses for an employee, when this happened they would require the employee to sign an agrement that if they left TRU before 12 months had passed they would need to pay back the moving expenses. How is it that retention bonuses werre paid without signed contracts requiring those who received the bonuses to stay?

Just more corporate greed at work here, don't see why anyone is surprised by this. It's despicable & disgusting, and has been the norm for the past 20 years or so.

Yet another example of payment for failure.
All too common in US Toy Companies ( not exclusively) Need to take a hard look at Comp Committees.

Paul Hughes

to 'formally' bury it.

Every time I get an annual meeting announcement from a corporation whose stock I own in my retirement account, I submit a proxy vote against the executive compensation plan, regardless of what the plan contains. Chances are it is distorted and inexcusable, at the expense of shareholders as well as other employees. If more shareholders were to do the same, perhaps management would get the message: we are truly disgusted by executive greed.

Thanks Richard! Also, just signed and shared with our team. The only way to push back against this type of BS is to ensure that we shed an extremely bright light on it, in effect, crowd-sourcing the outrage at what is going on.

Again - thanks again for your efforts.

Well said, I agree that this is bad behavior sanctioned by the court and so sad for the thousands of employees left out in the cold

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