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April 17, 2018


More information needed from TRU
Do they have a better offer or are they just going to let it die?

Embarrassed to say I hadn't thought of that approach, Richard. You're absolutely right! Why not just buy the stores and hire the employees? Makes perfect sense!

I hope Issac prevails!

TRU has brand equity that will cost far more to build.

I don’t need the money or the headache and extra work at my age. I’m doing this for the sake of the WHOLE toy industry who’s short sighted in my humble opinion. But looks like greedy people who now control that Industry icon have other ( short term gain) plan until they put their sight on another victiim. So, may be I just do that. Start a new chain from ground up and hire a lot of experienced toys r us veteranss and let my two sons run that.

I think that Isaac is spot on. He can begin a new legacy with the help of his sons. One which will breath life into the toy industry, something which meshes with our changed economy, but harkens to the child in all of us.

Why would other vendors sell to Issac owened toy story? Here MGA, here are all my costs, marking plans, and plans for new items for the next year. This is an ego thing for Issac. He does not want to save TRU. He wants to #promoteMGA #allaboutissac

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