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March 9, 2018


Hi Richard, this will totally change Toy Product development. No longer will you plan for a 4ft planogram that you had a hope of getting at TRU. Product lines will have less price points, less variety and as a result less choice. I think the Toy Market will shrink as a result and all the slack will not be taken up by the big three. The biggest winners could be specialty stores (those that remain!).

Hasbro, Mattel, Jakks, & LEGO... all suffering from the TRU disaster. Good!!! These companies don't want anything to do with small stores, and now their darling is folding. I hope Walmart decides to cut back on them too, then maybe they'll be interested in selling to the little guys again!

Truly a sad day for the entire Toys R Us family and all those in the industry. Yes, back in the day as a rep you knew that you had a decent chance of getting a smaller sized manufacturer placement with TRU. They supported the industry, and of course the industry supported them. Situation not good for anyone at all.

It is a very sad time for the toy industry indeed. I remember in my childhood that TRU was the best store in the world. The sad thing is when I had my own children 8 years ago, and made multiple shopping trips to Babies "r Us and Toys "r Us, I was always angered and disappointed with the lack of service. The employees of TRU simply just didn't care. As a customer, if you can show me some respect, I'm not going to shop with you, period. But I often find this at retail these days. Sad.

Stupidity......arrogance.......failure to hire "toy" people. Could of and should of been the Amazon of toys 15 years ago .

HI Richard,

Very thoughtful article. It is truly sad and an end of an era. I grew up as a "Toys R Us Kid" in a multitude of ways. My Dad called on Toys R Us at Dolly for decades and often referred to them as "family." Business is tough for all, but the memories will endure. Cheers, Carolyn

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