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March 23, 2018


I’ve donated to #SaveToysRUs, and I hope others will do the same. I can’t imagine a world without ToysRUs, and my heart goes out to the thousands of team members who will lose their jobs. I’ve always believed that if you set your mind to do something and work as hard as you can, nothing is impossible. I believe that ToysRUs can be saved, and Mr. Larian is the man that can do it. I have a full time job as a general dentist, but if he saves the store in Wilkes Barre, PA, I’ll gladly work on the weekends at ToysRUs for free!

Hope he does it be awesome if all toymakers share this store and contribute to it


It's a nice story, but a very slim chance. The first $200M pledged is his own money. So, really, the GoFundMe has raised just over $48,000 of a needed $800,000,000. It's a good PR stunt but not much else.

Richard : You are too kind. Life without passion and purpose isn’t worth living. I am passionate about kids and about toy business. Without Toys R Us, Toy business will never be the same.

To answer your questions:

1-I already have the funds and financing lined up to do this at the right price. I launched GoFund me to bring in the community and awareness to this.

2-Most competitors ( except the #Evilempire. No toy retailere really needs their garbage anyway ) have privately given me their word of support if this succeeds. Remember that I’m doing this personally and NOT MGA.

3-Can I make the new Toys R Us profitable? I did that with Little Tikes when we bought them in 2006 and with Zapf that was on the verge of bankruptcy when I got involved. They are both debt free and very profitable and with a lot of cash. I will make TRU very profitable.

Where were all these supporters when TRU needed them?

Toys has had poor management for the last 20 years. None of the top Management really undrestood what Toys R Us was all about.Customers came to TOYS because of their assortment. Cutting down the assortment made the customers go to Target, Walmart and Amazon as they had the same mdse. at a lower price. TOYS overpayed their top executives toooo much money and didn't pay the rank and file enough and these were the people that really mattered.Their debt was the main reason for their problems but again that goes back to poor management. There wasn't any reason left for a customer to go back to TOYS.

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