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March 29, 2018


Wrong- look no further than the checkbooks of the executives who sold out to Bain.
Bain could not have been responsible if they were not enabled to begin with.

Mitt Romney effectively left managing Bain in 1999 to head up the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Games, stepping down completely in 2002- long before the KB fiasco. That’s not to say he didn’t profit from later transactions, because he did. He received dividends and other huge financial benefits for years. Bain may bear the brunt of the blame for the unconscionable demise of KB and TRU, but it’s disingenuous to imply that Mitt Romney is behind it.

I will never understand this country's viewpoint on "golden parachutes". I am all for executives making alot of money, millions even, if they do the job. You grow the business, you get a bonus. You drop more profit to the bottom line, you get a bonus. Why do we continue to REWARD poor performance? Drive the business into the ground - $18 million. Slow sales, lower profits - $4 million. I understand there are contracts, etc. But, this country has the wrong expectations for their executives. You ONLY get a bonus if you SUCCEED!

John Eyler, former CEO of both FAO Schwartz and Toys RUs walked away with $66 Million after selling out to Bain et. al.

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