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January 25, 2017


Kade Rossey

This is a huge problem for toymakers. The biggest problem is that Trump cannot see this as impacting millions of children. You don't even have to be a toy insider to know that virtually all toys are made in other countries, China owning 91% of American mainstream manufacturing of toys. And if this border tax goes through, manufacturing in USA, while desirable, will inflate the average price of a toy 68%. Parents will buy less, or go to very small mom & pop shops to buy handmade toys, or make them themselves; now I agree this sounds great on paper (in Trump's fantasy world) - but in reality it will cripple a good chunk of economic activity, set the toy industry back decades, and cascade to other areas of the economy. Is that what we want? To feel good inside BUT to deprive our country of needed spending and risk living in more poverty than we already are? It seems Trump just doesn't understand how the world works - which will be devastating to the US.

Funnybone Toys

The margins requested right now by US retailers are already hard, especially for smaller manufacturers. It would certainly be a game changer for manufacturers of all sizes to have to cope with a border tax.

peter reynolds

The bad news is that this would be a terrible move for Children and the Toy Industry. The worse news is that this would be a catastrophic decision for the US economy, which is around 70% consumer driven, as overnight we would see prices increases equaling the tax.
It would also negatively impact exports as there would surely be a world wide reaction of similar import taxing.
So basically we would be handing out a maximum of 20% in additional kept income so the consumer can buy the same amount of product at the newly inflated 20% prices. That is not even smoke and mirrors smart.
The Republican held Congress, who has a platform commitment to free trade, has to see the stupidity of this move and the negative impact it will have on the economy instantly.
just in case the Congress does not recognize this, the TIA must immediately either lead or follow all of the major retailers and major retail suppliers in lobbying the Congress as well as informing the consumer of the coming reality.

Richard Woldenberg

Read my blog: www.BorderAdjustmentTax.com. I am CEO of Learning Resources, Inc. and am working to stop the Border Adjustment Tax. As Richard points out, it will be devastating to our industry.

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