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November 30, 2015


Laurie Peterson

Thank you for this...Much needed voice of reason. I went to submit our Build & Imagine toys for TOTY and couldn't bring myself to submit for the girls category. I ended up applying for "specialty toy" instead.

Steven rotter

What's really interesting to me is that the industry does not reward, or even recognize, a signicant element in promotional toys being successful & that is the tv commercials that millions of kids watch & fall in love with promoted toys.


It's pure pandering to the PC crowd.

Most people appreciate the categorization and understand that children can play with whatever toys they want. Not labeling the category just makes things confusing.

Silent majority doesn't care; it's just the loud manority that is making life difficult for everyone.

Laura Barta

I was surprised to see that those were still two of the categories. If it's a carryover from times past, I think it's time to reinvent the categories into kids' interests and abilities. World Village Playsets are for kids who want to explore new worlds with creative play. Gender doesn't apply.


@Laurie, isn't your toy designed specifically as a building toy for girls? If so, then you should be proud to submit in the Girls' category!

We can't have it both ways - we celebrate things like Goldieblox as a great engineering/construction toy for girls (when in reality it's not a very good toy - only 55% 5 star reviews on Amazon is pretty brutal), but we also want to pretend that there aren't gender differences.

Of course not all girls are the same, and not all boys are the same, but gender difference is real and to pretend otherwise does a disservice to kids. We can encourage their creativity in all kinds of areas and not restrict them to certain types of play without pretending there aren't differences.


My point is that the toy industry is determining what is for a boy and what is for a girl. Shouldn't we let a parent and the child make that decision.

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