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October 18, 2015


Janine Ross

Hi Dear Richard,

Interesting topic. I feel it is a positive step to look beyond
China, the world of manufacturing is our oyster.

I feel not only is India an option, but more so Pakistan. Both countries have up until now been overlooked for design and manufacturing - when in fact they are not only highly skilled but are also highly intelligent and creative minds that surpass a lot of others.

I for one know this first hand having recently commissioned a company from Lahore, Pakistan to deliver an animated project for me. They are professional in all aspects and although it is tough to meet to discuss project details, Dubai from new Zealand is just fine.
I believe that reaching out to the far off corners of anything always brings surprise, I feel what better way to put the icing on the toy world cake than to unite with cultures unlike our own through work and develop friendships never really thought possible.

Janine Ross, New Zealand

Amitabh Kharbanda

Hi Richard
If Moore's law applied to the toy industry then china would still be the goto destination.
However, The cost efficiencies can not be improved further in china. While India has a huge scope for improvement.

The interest in India is not new. It has been on the radar for many years but has lost to china in high volume contract manufacturing.
For low volume, niche (labour intensive) products it is better placed than china & other south east asian countries.

The Make In India campaign has revitalized the interest & has highlighted success stories of various sectors.
The growth on Indian participation in Nuremberg toy fair is in itself an example of the growing interest.

Hasbro has set an example that others can emulate.


David Selvaraj

Hasbro set up manufacturing in India through their joint venture partner in India way back in 1987 when toy imports in India were banned. In the same year Mattel also set up factory to manufacture their brands through partnership with a molded luggage manufacturer. The west taught China to manufacture toys 30 years ago and it is now the turn to do the same in India. When India manufacturers for Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Ford, GM motors, Ikea and soon for Apple, it will be child's play for them to manufacture toys. With more than 30 years experience in the Indian Toy Industry I can confidently say the time for India to manufacture toys for the world has come now.

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