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August 31, 2015


Sherman Lo

The list is pure fantasy. With the exception of El Salvadore ( 80/175 ), the corruption index for the other 9 countries are in the 90s and well into the hundred. Moreover, the crime/ murder rates in Guatemala and Costa Rica are only surpassed by two active war zones - Iraq and Afghanistan !!

So much for the Happiness Index.

Ingrid V Heredia

I agree with these results, not only because I'my from Colombia but I attribute this fact to my previous life experiences, such as childhood, adolescence, and now adulthood. People in Colombia and Latin America are always living the moment, without concerns about tomorrow, even under circumstances where they might not have anything to eat the next day, they will sell or simply give in whatever they own at the moment, just to have a pleasant time with what they enjoy the most. I consider this one fact to these results, there may be more to it like the environment, climate, culture as mentioned on the article,social life, personality, etc.


This runs contrary to all the advertising that is produced for "Save the Children" and the Catholic Ministries. I guess they are laughing and having a great time in between starving, death and every day living. Or are Save the Children, Catholic church and the world health organizations pushing their own agenda? But then again, who would give money to countries that promote themselves as being on the top ten of happiest countries.

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