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August 21, 2015


Chris Heatherly

I don't really mine satirizing Disney. We're a big target. And I loves me some satire personally.

What makes me sad about Banksy's work here is that he's satirizing Walt Disney's optimistic futurism with a very dour view of our world. It makes me sad not so much because its his view, but it seems almost par for the course in today's world. Do we need another dystopian end of the world film?

The stuff that I loved about Walt Disney as a kid wasn't Mickey Mouse (although he's a close personal pal). It was the futuristic stuff. The Magic Highway. The House Of The Future. The PeopleMover. Autopia. Man In Space. He inspired us to put a man on the moon for godsake!!

So sure, if you must, parody Disney. But you'd be doing to world a better service to one-up him instead. We live in an age of miracles. We are living the future Walt dreamed about. Reality is never as perfect as our dreams. But...

"If you can dream it, you can do it." – Walt


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