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May 16, 2015


Adam Borton

Loved sliding along the Big piano!

Bruce Whitehill

Sad news. I'm sure there are lots of reasons for having to close the store -- all of them financial -- but the bottom line is that the balance of expense to income wasn't satisfactory enough to its world-leading parent company, Toys-R-Us.
For an image of an FAO Schwarz product and an 1897 ad, go to https://www.facebook.com/brucewhitehillUSAinGer

Eugene McKeown

The reason FAO is closing is the rent. The landlords have raised the rents so high FAO could not make any money. TRU Times Sq. has the same problem with escalating rents. These 2 stores are visited mainly by tourist, and the landlords will find out that not everyone is looking for a $600 pocketbook

Arnold Maggi

One of the reasons FAO SCHWARZ is closing is the Management. For the last 20 years the people that ran FAO really did not know what the company stood for.
It was for Unique Mdse. that you couldn't find elsewhere, it was for Quality Mdse. It was for mdse. that was handed down to other siblings year after year. When you walked into the store the first words out of your mouth were"WOW" The assortment was 70% Imports and 30% Domestic.Little by little, year after year that assortment became an overpriced Toys R Us.

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