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August 3, 2014


Louie Olivas

Great article! While I too was never a D&D player, many successful video game titles have used the same format of competitive storytelling by allowing the player to choose multiple characters that lead to different outcomes for the story, characters and world. We will be utilizing this amazing format as well..


Loved that game. I was in D&D summer camps. My warlock's name was Thor. I am a geek.

At one point, I was a dungeon master, which in our circle just meant that I would draw the environment on graph paper, flip through my D&D books and choose monsters and other challenges to face, then let my friends "walk" through it. It was a real life "Choose Your Own Adventure" that was limited only by my imagination and the luck of the dice. Looking back, it did promote creativity and imagination to a far greater degree than most of the other toys we used.

The problem was that it wasn't the most popular with the girls ... so ended my D&D career.

Love Stephen Colbert more now, that is for sure!

D&d books are amazing books for Game players.. I am reading Mordenkainen's tome of foes and Storm King’s Thunder.. These are amazing book for me. Currently i am reading pdf version of this book but I'll recommend you to buy read hardcover book for better experience. Amazing book from d&d.


This is one of the best book i have read. you can also checkout the full review for this book Xanathar’s Guide To Everything PDF

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