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December 8, 2012


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

I apologize! I was a bit harsh when I wrote the following to Rich about the PANK-sters 'out there' who are basically a person WELL in-need who provides a service. I think it's great to be one of those. I'm an AUNT who lives 1000s of miles away from my niece but have taken the time throughout the years to try to be helpful to neighbors, friends and 'the community' at large since my block of time is larger than most since I don't have kids on my own. As 'America's Premier Eventologist', a title I received from Insight Mag back in Aug of 1997, I suggest that you make PANK into greeting cards and have a special PANK Week -- possibly the period 2 weeks before Xmas, drawing up to that time-block. So glad I learned a new concept and am part of a group I hadn't known previously about! Good Luck and Happy Holidays to us all!

The following is what I wrote to Rich via LinkedIn when he was publicizing this Article:

Rich, I am so disappointed. 'Savvy Aunts' - what about Savvy Uncles. Men like to shop for TOYS. Who doesn't like the URGE TO SPLURGE when it comes to TOYS whether UR shopping for a 6 or 60 or 106 year old. You're leaving out an entire demographic there -- MEN besides those men who SHOP FOR TOYS. After all, real men don't eat quiche; they SHOP FOR TOYS! I'm just giving you a hard time. It's allowed because I'm the first one to comment here and that makes for more discussion! I hope you've tweeted this out and/or include another article about MEN WHO SHOP...for TOYS! Cheers, ASK / Chicago - IL USA

Paul Edwick

The real beauty of the internet is that groups of people with a common thread but geographically dispersed can come together and develop their interests.

This is a new group to me, with the most interesting observation being the need for more and better information to enable good toy buying decisions to be made - something that other groups also need where access to kids is restricted for whatever reason.

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