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September 4, 2012


Christi Clark

We're also interested in knowing how the economic policies of the current U.S. presidential administration are impacting upon the toy industry, especially the smaller, specialized toy shops across the country.


Kevin Armstrong

What does politics have to do with this???
I sold product to KB at the same price as I did to Walmart. KB went with a 70% markup and Walmart a 40%.
What does that tell you?
KB wasn't in my opinion making a higher profit, they had higher overhead. A recipe for demise. Toys R Us was at about 60%.
My company sold plastic foam toys, made in the USA.

Elizabeth Carpenter

Bain was very bad for KB. http://www.democraticunderground.com/12511407

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Bain Capital was responsible for KB Toys going bankrupt. Thanks for ruining my childhood Mitt Romney

N Hickok

Blaming Bain or anyone else for the demise of KB is childish. At the time of their bankruptcy there was a sea change affecting the toy industry...such that Toys R Us was even struggling....Walmart & Target were eating their lunch since shoppers visit their stores 52x per year! Toy products felt ubiquitous...every retailer carried them. Toys R Us & KB had a price and convenience disadvantage as well as a non-differentiated retail experience.


Mitt Romney didn't ruin anyone's childhood. Of course, it's obvious Mitt was long gone when KB bit the proverbial dust. If Bain couldn't save it, no one could. Unfortunate, but true. Look at all of the other large and small toy retailers that went bust in the 90s and 2000s... should we blame one man for them all? The toy business is NOT child's play, as they say.


The last line is so true. "the toy businesses is not Childs play" I can attest to that as we have had battles with bigger companies, espionage, deliberate undermining through rep bashing and a whole lot more. The stories of the underbelly of the toy industry are frightening.


How are the economic policies of the current administration affecting small business (and the toy industry)?

Here's what I've been dealing with. In 2008, my specialty toy store did $1.2 million - a very strong year. Starting the day after the 2008 election, we started seeing negative comps. Why? Near as I can tell, it was the fear of what this "new" administration would bring.

Ever since then, the policies and rhetoric has been to take more from those who are successful. Those are the specialty customers. As a result, nationwide, small business has sufferred dramatically - fewer businesses are opening, more are closing, and as a result, main-street has many more vacancies.

Mid to Upper income consumers have been spending less with the uncertainty in their job markets. Over the last four years, our annual sales have dropped by 30%. We've been forced to keep staffing extremely lean (less job creation) in order to keep our doors open.

Net result of these policies -- economic sluggishness, less employment, and fewer businesses being created. Sum total - for businesses to be created and create jobs, the business owners MUST have the confidence in our government's policies and enough stability to justify our investments.

Our health care costs have gone up by more than 50% over the past 4 years. This is not stability. Obamacare is a great concept, but it totally misses the root cause of high health care. When 40% of each health care insurance dollar goes to pay lawyers instead of medical care, THAT is the problem. Can't blame the doctors. Can't blame the insurance companies. Fix the personal responsibility in this nation and that will lead us in the correct direction for fixing many of the causes of overspending that are stifling the American dream and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

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