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July 30, 2012



I think the "Toy Companies" are into volume production, because of the cost of packaging,
which has yet to show up in 3D printing.

However it maybe a tool for prototyping.

Janine Ross

What a fabulous cover!

This machine and it's process is what they use for Rapid Prototyping.

This is fantastic technology, it is like having that comic window in your office as the possibilities are endless.

It opens windows and doors for creatives to go running through and never looking back :)

Stuart Grover

Imagine a day when a child (or big kid) can customise a toy with their favourite colours, or make it the exact size they want. Then sit back and be mesmerised as the toy comes to life right before their eyes. That day is coming fast.

Alice Taylor

We're using 3D printing for custom-facing toys, over at www.makie.me. Lots of learning and fun going on over there!

Easkey - I doubt it's the cost of packaging is the reason Big Toy aren't doing it yet. More likely: unproven ground.

Alice T.


If you read "makers" from Cory Doctorow, the story explain some solid business model for a company like Walt Disney (and a must read in itself if you want to have a look at the next decades that unfold in front of us)


Jenna, Marketing Coordinator, EnvisionTEC, Inc.

Actually all the big companies ARE utilizing 3D printing! Hasbro, Disney, Mattel, and many more, all use 3D printers from EnvisionTEC (Richard, we also make a 3D Bioplotter®, capable of printing in human tissue!). If you want more information, I invite you to stop by our website or contact me directly at jfranklin @ envisiontec.com.

Mark Honschke

These machines are incredible and for they are the future of licensed material and toy concepts, the process, in most cases is just too fast for hand scultping to compete. (at least when it comes to changes) As digital sculpting tools mature and machine resolution gets better, more and more companies will start to use these processes almost exclusively. As a hand sculptor I am taking classes in Zbrush to keep up. However, one of the big issues with turning 3d parts into toys directly out of the machine is toxcicity. The resins used to make these parts are not safe for consumption and in some cases not safe to handle without gloves. Until they can make resins less toxic(Im sure it will happen though) the parts out of these machines will be used mostly for prototyping.

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