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April 10, 2012


Marta Bartolozzi

Hello. I'm new to online word games.I've been playing since April. I play FB scrabble. I never knew there were stats and this force forfeit thing. Some of my current opponents haven't played in 1 day so I've NUDGED them. How long need I wait before clicking the force forfeit button and what does force forfeit false mean? I've never resigned and never would. I agree that you play from beginning to finish for thr love of the game and gamesmanship.I love word games but don't want to become an obsessive 'jugular' (now there'S a word!)manic player just out to win. Also are there any rules about whether it's OK to use the search word feature in the sidebar thing above the 2 word list? Thanks!

Kathy Harrod

I pay a lot of attention to my average score, checking it after a win or loss. My understanding is that if someone resigns, they lose. My question is even if I show a win, how does it affect my score? Thank you.


Anyone know of a way to block players who have ever resigned a game? I don't care the reason, if you ever resign a game don't waste my time.

Jennifer Lawrence

I am a huge Words With Friends player - have always loved scrabble. I am very selective of who I play with because of that reason and also people cheating - which you can always tell when they cheat. I just don't accept their game requests. Who really wins when someone is cheating?

I only resign when a player hasn't taken their turn in 3 days. I feel that's plenty of time to make a move, and if they haven't after three days, they probably have no intention of finishing the game. Very frustrating. If you don't want to play, don't accept the game in the first place!

This is a long thread, but I thought to respond to it. I play Words With Friends and I play it like I used to play chess. In chess you lose either by being checkmated or you lose by resigning. So some games I play to the bitter end, but others I might resign with a few tiles outstanding. I play well enough that I know I could score 100+ points in one move PROVIDED certain tiles are still in play. I think in order not to be rude a player should play most of the game out, but the resign button is there for a reason. What if something really serious has come up in your life and you have to give up game playing. I have resigned games I was winning simply because I had to attend to something really important - I did send apology notes to the other players, but I could see there'd be situations where you might not have enough time to do that.

I have resigned when I'm certain that the other player is using a "cheat". There's no point and I hope they are frustrated at not being able to claim a "victory". Nothing like a good (fair) word game!!!

Absolutely never resign, even if the score was 400-1.

I resign on WWF when the opponent has not played in 5 days. I know this counts as a loss for me but I do not waste space on people that don’t play daily


I admitted that I do resign the game as courtesy when opponent has outscored me by 100+ because it not possible to catch up or the opponent. Scoring high scoring or outscore is also considering as unsportsmanship. It is just waste of time.

What I don't understand is that I keep RESIGNING my games.
I've NEVER resigned any of my games... But WORD says that I did... I was playing a game against my wife and we were only 3 words into the game... She had played 2 word to my one and was 8 points ahead. I had great letters
(V, Z & F along with 4 vowels). Why would I resign? Well I didn't... This is not the first time this has happened... Is there a time limit? (I'm a slow player.)

Glad to know others feel the same about resigning early just because you are losing, poor sportsmanship. Another problem I have is those who only want to play so they can flirt and if you're not agreeable to that they quit on you. It's not a dating sight, they have sites for that if that's what you're looking for.

How can you get Zynga to address wins with the computer that have been posted up as losses on your score board

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