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November 29, 2011


Tali Lehavi

I bet they wish they could just put Pat in the ad!

Your article is so great! I actually read and enjoy your other posts, too. :)

James Eadon

I would be interested to learn if it made a difference to girls wanting the products but also would boys be less inclined to want a product that is aimed at a girl in the ad?
Are we promoting a society of masculinised girls and feminised boys?
A close friend says her childhood was ruined by parents with good intentions. in the end there are evolutionary driven differences between the sexes and too much political correctness might actually be another source of the corrosion of childhood. why can't we let boys be boys and girls be girls? I am wondering if you encourage catalogues to show boys maternalistically cradling baby dolls. I can see the good intentions but studies show people were happiest in the 50s when men were men and women were women and everyone lived naturally without confusion. i admire the worthy intentions but worry that the strive for absolute equality may ultimately lead to psychological problems and unhappiness in the feeling fulfilled sense.
My own game, the Culica is naturally gender neutral. But are all games or toys? are differences to be celebrated or destroyed?
Would be interested to know your view on if political correctness can go too far too often. is play gender neutral? Research indicates not. a boy and girl instinctively play differently when given a loaf of bread for example.

Dana Campagna Lanham

Richard, I totally thought of you when I was reviewing the catalog with my kids the other day as I had also responded to your post last year. And oddly enough, last Christmas, my daughter received a yellow camaro. Now, here is the funniest part, she wants a jeep and not of the pink variety. She also has announced that she is a tomboy at 6 years old as she has discovered that boys are much more fun. Like mother like daughter - LOL! So, although kitchen research, I believe there are a lot of non-girly girls out there that are more interested in Legos, Nerf and ride-ons and some retailers are starting to recognize and address it in their communications.

Fred Nirk

Gottleib needs a real job!
Gimme a break!

Jackie Breyer

Hi Richard. It was nice to see you at the WIT event last night. It's great that you made such an impact on TRU's advertising. Stereotypes like these need to be broken! Can you believe I've had toy professionals (only a few, thankfully) tell me they were surprised a "young lady" like me was the editor of a magazine?

Rebecca Menes

As a girl I loved girl toys AND boy toys, but more importantly, I enjoyed playing with both boys and girls. A lot of girls have brothers, and our highly gendered toys discourage boys and girls from playing together.

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