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September 19, 2011


Jack Geisler

With all the small publishers I would say tangible games have hit the saturation point.
I hope I'm not to late with my latest expansion into board games. Tomorrow I'm talking with a company to take it digital.

Great information. I'm looking to something to stand out from the crowd.

Rob Bartel

Well the interesting thing was that, in 2006, the digital game market looked heavily saturated as well. The talk in the industry was all about consolidation and the large publishers were gobbling up the smaller developers left, right, and center (BioWare's buyout by EA was one of the last such buyouts before the tipping point hit). Fast forward to today and the digital industry is suddenly flush with a million little indies and garage-based developers and there seems to be room enough for everyone. For every new developer being acquired by a larger entity, another 10 spring up in its place.

I agree that the longstanding distribution channels and market for tangible games are fairly saturated (somewhere between 500-1000 new board and card games are released every year). But, on the digital side, the tipping point was driven not by existing audiences and distribution channels but by the discovery of new audiences, new channels. I think the explosion of new small publishers in the tangible game space is actually a very positive sign and marks the beginning of that tipping point that I'll be providing more evidence of in Part III.

Gerry Paquette

Nice comparison with some very interesting parallels between the history of video games, which I know quite well, and board games, which I've just learned more about. Looking forward to the third part to how it all comes together.

Rob Bartel

For those still catching up, Part III is now posted:


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