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April 11, 2011


Ruth Synowic

Great article Mary!

Gina Manola

What an inspiring article to read first thing in the morning. How exciting for you to have met him. Thank you for sharing his story.

Larry Jones

Great article for a wonderful human being. I have worked many times with Torquil in the past at Bluebird when presenting for California R&D Center's new toy concepts.

Eddy Goldfarb

Your article about the inventors dinner (a great group), and Torquil Norman brought back so many fond memories. We used to go to the dinners every year and both worked and played with Norman. He is very special guy. We will never forget the night he tried to walk on the rail of a theater balcony we were at. If our memories are correct, Alan Hassenfeld was there also. Maybe Alan or Torquil can confirm this.

Beatrice Pardo

Great article, Mary, and how inspiring!

Thank you! Many kudos to Torquil and his family for their amazing heart and significant achievements in helping those needing a lift in life. What an example they have set! Wow!

I had no idea of all the contributions this family, led by Torquil, of course, have made to society. What a family!

Well written, Mary. Thanks for bringing him to the attention of so many.

cheap nike shox

This article should be more specific, more narrow and deeper than such an overview.

Tim Moodie

Here's my Torquil Norman story...I was delivering a prototype to his room at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. I knocked on the door of his suite and he answered and there was a party going on. Pretty much everywhere Torquil went there was a party going on, he brought champagne with him everywhere. He asked me to come in and when I stepped in to the room I noticed a picture of Elvira - Mistress of the Dark signed To Torquil, thank you for saving my life. Elvira.

I immediately asked Torqui what this was about and he got a little embarrassed but said there was an air conditioning duct blowing down her dress and he was the only one tall enough to shut it off. Torquil is one of a kind

Larry Jones

Torquil Norman was the nicest client I ever had. He started coming to the States in the mid '70's and would swing by our office. Always after each meeting the team would always talk about him and wonder why all of the toy guys couldn't be more like him. Everytime he asked for something I would give it without question. He was up near the top as far as I am concerned.

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