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April 27, 2011


Penelope Nicolopolis

I am so glad to read & absorb this written piece by Richard Gottlieb & Russ Davies. The effort to bring back manufacturing to the US is Huge in my mind! I've been starved to read something like this. This country needs to become great again. We can't do this if we keep going overseas. The talent is here. The talent is waiting to be recognized again. Bringing our manufacturing back is just plain sanity & Yes! not everything of value means bottom line. Bravo! to Russ Davies who just did it! I'm so impressed & I certainly want to hear more about this. If nothing else when it comes to Buzz Phrases: Bring back manufacturing is Totally Green!!! Bravo! Richard Gottlieb for bringing this piece to us who care!


I agree with bringing things back to the states. But as you notice when asked the pricing question Davies sort of skirted around the subject. It is and always will be the items cost that will be considered the bottom line on any item...

Luis Berbegal

Same is happening in Europe. A lot of companies are coming back to Europe because of the problems with the labour cost, delivery time, quality, etc in China.

Ron Cohn

My company, Paragon Packaging, has been making board games domestically for 27 years. We don't manufacture or market our own products, thus we don't have production scheduling conflicts. We also have tremendous flexibility that won't exist in a major corporate environment. That said, I applaud the fact that a major US company like Hasbro is finally publicly voicing support of US manufacturing. Perhaps this might be a wake-up call to others looking to US manufacturing, which would be the real benefit.

Beverly Johnson

My company Fractiles has been making toys in the USA for 13 years. I am absolutely thrilled to hear that Hasbro is supporting making toys in the USA. I hope Hasbro leads a major migration of toy manufacturing back to the USA. Bravo Hasbro!

Marc Cooper

Being from Massachusetts, I very much appreciate Hasbro’s commitment to the State. I am happy to report, our new company Imagination Brands Co., LLC has chosen to produce our flagship product and new Doodle Roll brand in Gardner, MA. I am well aware of 360 manufacturing and hope someday to expand our line of products to enable us to have future products made in East Longmeadow. While our entire product is made and assembled in the USA, it is very frustrating to have to buy our crayons from China. It is also discouraging not to be able to claim our product is US made when every component along with the entire cost of labor is of US origin. I have and continue to try and identify a reliable and affordable US or even N. American option. However, Crayola and Sergeant Art the only two I am aware of are 4-5 times the price, which is prohibitive when producing a low cost craft kit for under $2.50 wholesale. In any case, any thoughts or insight you, Russ or your readers have on this dilemma is always appreciated.


Nice article. Thanks for posting it. I agree that end-user prices are higher when the product is made entirely in the USA. I see that Russ skirted this issue a bit when asked, perhaps because that is a given. The need to find ways to produce products more efficiently to balance out the high cost of labor and materials here in the states is a challenging one. For many of us consumers, price is not the only factor influencing our purchase. I often find myself choosing the USA brand rather than the overseas brand, if the price is not ridiculously higher. In this very small way, I feel my purchase can encourage green manufacturing, reduce environmental harm, and support domestic jobs. If more large companies like Hasbro follow suit, perhaps someday we can once again see a thriving domestic manufacturing industry here in the states. On the other hand, our nation's demographics can't be denied. Not everyone can afford to choose the higher quality, higher priced USA-made product. The need to reduce end-user prices for domestic made products remains the pachyderm in the room.

Faalenuu McCarthy

Hi just enquiring as to where could I go to get a prototype for a toy idea I have...please


This is a very encouraging article. I am in the process of getting my business started and need to find a manufacturer to produce action figures. I want to follow Hasbro's trends and turn to the United States for manufacturing. If anyone has any lead, I would gladly take them.

Thank you in advance, Carine

Brenda  Goodman

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