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February 28, 2011


Michelle Spelman

Wonderful Mary. There's a gap in my childhood where Easy Bake was supposed to be. I've reached the conclusion that it is not too late to fill that space.

I've recently been studying Cincinnati's toymaking legacy. I wish I'd begun my study sooner - I would have loved the chance to meet Ronald Howes as well. His story is another fine example of creative genius rising above a challenging start in life, to go on and do amazing things with his talents.

Mary Kay Russell

I love this post Mary! Sadly, I never got an Easy Bake Oven when I was a little girl. After reading this, it's going on my X-Mas list next year!

Kim Vandenbroucke

Mary Kay - I never got one either. But great article Mary - hilarious that you send one to your daughter at school! Love that idea!

Mary  Jo

Great article Mary. My friend Jill was upset with her mom for years (lots of years) for not giving her an Easy Bake Oven when she was a kid. I think she was just as happy to get one a couple of years ago as she would have been when she was a kid. There's just some magic in toys that doesn't translate to other objects. I still fondly remember my Easy Bake Oven! You're right, it sure would have been great to meet the inventor.

Mary Couzin

Michelle, Mary Kay and Kim, that is surprising!
Mary Jo, love that your friend received an Easy Bake as an adult!

Tanya Thompson

I don't remember having an Easy Bake Oven but remember baking in my friend's oven. I always had a sense that they were dangerous and wondered if cooking by a light bulb was okay. My now 11 year old daughter two years ago really wanted one for Christmas. My mom discouraged it and so I bought her real cake mixes and baking gear instead. She loves to cook and bake still and makes awesome cookies and pancakes. But now I wonder if I should have gotten her the Easy Bake Oven instead! hmmmmm...

Mary Couzin

Tanya, there's always her first year away at college!

Patti Saitow

Outstanding post Mary! I remember my Easy Bake Oven, creating cakes with my friends, waiting anxiously while smelling the cakes bake and proudly serving them to the family. I loved that thing and it definitely influenced my love of cooking. Toys influence us in ways we never really consider as adults. Watching children play, create and imagine always makes me smile. Thanks for this post!

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