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August 5, 2010


Valerie Heilbron

Homespun experience ... Mom of a 4 y/o boy gave him a fully-equipped doll house to play with and left him in the playroom.
Amazed at how long he was downstairs playing - she went to check.
Yep - he'd turned it into a prison (yarn for bars on the doors & windows). Positioned all the inhabitants in appropriate confined and/or restrained positions (even the dog!) Unneeded articles (furniture, etc.) were used as barricades.
He was completely engrossed in his play.
Draw your own conclusions!


I agree with your concern and I will also like to do more research on this topic since based on my personal experience I trust more on the Nurture side which is the environmental factors that the child has been exposed to. I believe that our society and us parents play the most influential part on the choices we make for our children. Definetely, Nature plays an important part on the Gender of the child which is their physical aspect. However, on the other side their is their Gender indentity that is when they define themselves as a boy or girl(Sex) according to the environment they are being exposed on the media, at home, school, etc.
Let me know what you think about this!

Jordan Hydro

Floods, droughts, pollution and climate change have created even more problems. It is important that China play an increasingly prominent role on climate change. right??

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