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October 18, 2015



Great article Richard. As an executive living in the world of toys, your blogs are informative and very interesting.

The world is always changing and as you stated on a previous article, we have to adapt.

Perhaps at the end of the road we will just need to buy blueprints for toys, print them ourselves and less and less production will be required from manufacturers.


I feel the time is right for Toy Companies to look at manufacturing in India. The worlds second largest toy company like Hasbro will not decide to manufacture in India if it does not make sense. Having been in India for the past 30 years they know Indian market better than any other toy company in the world.There was a period when all toy companies of the world shifted their manufacturing from US, Europe and UK to China.As history repeats it is the period when companies are looking at alternate manufacturing destinations. The arguments that you have made against India does not hold good because India exports the following major products most of them to US markets. Automobiles all major companies have their manufacturing plant in India, textiles again India is a biggest exporter, all your Gap, Banana Republic, US Polo association, Van Heusen and many other brands are manufactured in India. The other exports are gems, jewelry, agricultural ( because of your recent ruling you are missing out on the king of fruits Indian delicious mangoes) and I can go on and on. All these products pass through the inadequate roads, rail system and legal hurdles and corruption. Perhaps you have not seen the new developed India. Recently a delegation from your TIA attended Kids India Toy fair organised by Speilwarenmesse and if you ask them they will be able to tell the emerging opportunities available in India. India is ready to be exploited. You know the major IT force working in US are from India. The major advantages in India is not only the large work force which are young adults but unlike China most of them can understand and speak English. I know some companies who have shifted their manufacturing to India and they are very happy with their decision and many are exploring for partners.
With the Prime Minister of the country pushing for Make in India whichever country he is visiting, you know the serious intent of the country to make that happen.

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