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October 20, 2012



Thank you for the detail. A 30% decline would be troubling, but based on the extent to which NPD follows the industry I find their numbers a lot more believable. It would be interesting to see what sort of amplified impact the extended recession has had on any of these numbers as well. I think we might find a heavy anchor hanging on to the last three years.

Tom Rushton

Thanks Richard. Your "watch-dogging" efforts of the experts are much appreciated. Please keep up the good work.

bob grosch

Goodman Sachs numbers shouldn't be trusted. Their credibility as reliable source of investment information has come into serious question. If your reputation is tainted due to a lack of ethics by senior employees why believe them on statistics.

Howard McAuliffe

It would be interesting to see how much they invested into the toy industry after bringing down prices with that report. I hope you cover their methodology, if they gave it to you, in the next post.

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