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September 6, 2012



What role did the internet, and Amazon, play in the demise of Kay Bee? I remember Kay Bee as an "aspirational" store. As a child, I would go to Kay Bee to do research into toys while my parents took care of grown up shopping at Sears or Macy's (our mall had one of each.) My birthday and Christmas lists would be assembled largely out of what I saw at Kay Bee. Then my parents, well, my Mother, would return to Kay Bee to purchase the requested items. Now, of course, she could take my list to Amazon.

Pat McNamara

I think you could make a better case that WalMart had a bigger impact on the demise of K-B than Bain Capital. The reason that most manufacturing is now in China is solely due to government regulations and policy not becuase Bain Capital bought and sold sick companies.
The real question is whether the finances of our country are better off in the hands of someone who understands money, how to evaluate investments, and how to make good choices. Or with someone who's philosophy is to spend one's way out of debt.

Alan M Hess

I think this discussion is out of place. Romney was out of Bain for 2 years when they purchased what was left of KB.
If we are discussing Bain --how about discussiong the disaster that the current occupant of the White House is to business. Bain is irrelevant to this election. But the detrimential policies of Obama should be the focus.

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