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August 7, 2012


Tom Jolly

I think the word "fun" is inclusive of the social or exercise excuses that folks give to play. Nobody says "I play to have FUN" because it really doesn't define in enough detail why they are playing. Of course they're having fun, but the fun is defined in better detail by admitting that it's the socialization or competition, mental exercise, invigorating outdoor excercise, mating rituals, or whatever. "Fun" is too ambiguous.


That is an interesting question! My theory is that many adults have a hard time justifying doing something "just" for fun, so we have to find another way to justify it to ourselves and to others. However, I teach a class (we call it Recess for Adults, and we play games like kickball and tag) and when I polled my regulars nearly every one said they came because it's fun. These are older adults, though (the average age is about 65), and I also speculate that they don't care as much about what other people might think of them playing "just for fun."

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