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August 3, 2012


Mike Woods

Mike Woods • When I visited the Nuremberg Toy Fair last year there was 15.000 games (none-digital) on show. I wouldn't say the board game was dead, would you? The first board game - Senet was invented 3.500 years BC. I wonder how many people have prophesied the demise of the board game since then. No - I think that the digital versions will only encourage folk to play the tactile versions. It's a little difficult to get six or eight people around a mobile or even an IPad. And board games are social. I don't find it much fun playing a game on my own on my mobile and I think that users will soon get tired of this type of recreation and look to games that they can interact with their friends. And getting your game out on a mobile is an excellent marketing strategy as well

Dan Limbach

Mary, you are so right. Board games are making a comeback, and people are expecting more than the old standards. It might not initially be good for Hasbro and Walmart who rely on a few SKUs, high volume hits, and quick inventory turnover, but it's great for the industry, and for gamers. Indie developers are following the path of indie musicians and craft breweries. There truly is a long tail in table top gaming.

Alex Wilkinson

Dan, do you happen to have any financial evidence backing your claim that there is a "long tail" for the board game industry? I ask not because I'm questioning your claim, but because I'm genuinely curious and would love to see the numbers behind that. I've struggled to find hard numbers on the board game industry from 2010-2012.

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