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August 8, 2012


Paul Edwick

The great thing is that kids can wander through the department without feeling oppressed by gender-specific product - it's there alright, just it's also easy to gravitate towards another product group that's more interesting without the sense of being in the wrong place.

Harrod's designers are from Singapore, but that is an aside rather than being significant.

Gary Jones

At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether Harrod's will see any return on the investment they made to become gender neutral. One would assume that their motive is to increase business but if it doesn't, it is a loser.

If the effort is to revive the old debate as to whether there is really a difference between boys and girls, the end result will probably lead them back to the "Girls" and "Boys" aisles. I have my doubts that they will see a big increase in sales of Hot Wheels and Tonka Trucks to girls and Barbies to boys.

James Eadon

Trying to make girls into boys and vice versa will be further corrosion of childhood innocence.

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