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July 26, 2012


Gina Manola

If pricing will truly be reflective of the associated costs required to deliver a quality product with quality play value—in the long run,
I think this is good news for everyone.

Steve Markey

I think a lot of the new price points came about because, after holding off for years, manufacturers finally had to implement a price increase. So, if the wholesale of a product is increased by 10%, a $10.00 cost becomes $11.00, and if the retailer still wants to keystone, $11.00 becomes $21.99 retail. The old $15.00 cost is now $16.50, taking a $29.99 retail to $32.99 etc etc.

Steve Rogai

There have been instances of a product's price dropping due to it's increased popularity. It would make sense to make them more accessible at an affordable price.

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