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July 19, 2012



Legally, how does this relate to CPSIA requirements for testing of children's products. If I have a toy store selling mostly (say 85%) toys meant for kids under the age of 14, and 15% for older kids and adults, do I need to worry if the products for adults are not tested to the CPSIA kiddie standards. The packages may be labeled 14+, but if they are in the same store as mostly kid stuff, could I get in trouble. I know the law gives the CPSC the right to determine if the classification of the product is accurate. For example, what if I sold jewelry making kits for both children and adults. The kits for kids are tested, the ones for adults aren't. Everything is properly labeled. BUT the "grown-up" kits may be attractive to the younger kids. Do I refuse to sell the kits to kids?

I know stores like Walmart and Michael's have separate displays of kids kits and grownup craft supplies. But I don't think they refuse to sell the grown up stuff to kids. Or do they?

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