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July 24, 2012


Sarah Dugo

My business partner, Patty Errera,loved your book & was thrilled to meet you at your book signing! She now wants an office as cool as yours!

Larry Jones

I know this is an older post, but could not pass up the opportunity to show you about a little "personal" toy invention history. I just published a new new book called "So You Want To Be A Toy Inventor?" 35 Year Toy Invention History of One of the Most Dynamic Groups During the "Golden Years" of Toy Invention "Nothing was Impossible"
Larry Jones has just published, "So You Want To Be A Toy Inventor?" It is the first in a series of many stories about what has to be the craziest industry in the world! As many of you know, he first entered the toy business back in 1962 and has been inventing toys ever since.
Being one of the fortunate founders of California R&D Center, Larry has been asked to recount the many tales about activities required of an independent toy inventor. Being on both sides of the fence as a manufacturer and an outside inventor dealing in the business of creating new products, provides him with some unique insights of how inventors create and sell their ideas. Many individual stories are told about toy companies and their people from his personal experience.
Of course, the insanity revolves around the "special people" in the business of generating new toy concepts and living the "creative" lifestyle that motivates everyone associated with the process. Relationships, long nights, prototype malfunctions and being rejected a million times are just some of the issues discussed.
The underlining theme of the book illustrates the fun they had while developing some outstanding products. Recent interviews with some of the designers indicate it was some of the best times of their lives.
It is an e-book on Amazon and can be downloaded in Kindle, i-Pad, i-Phone (download the Kindle app) and other formats.
You can review Larry's new web site, or contact him at
Take care, Larry

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