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June 21, 2012


Larry Jones

HI Richard,
I am not sure I understand why you say 3-D Printing will be a "disruptive technology"? Most toy makers, today,have and use extensively 3-D Printers for their speed in making accurate prototypes to simplify the engineering process when creating new products.

As the "drafting machine" of the '70s gave way to CAD drawings and now, 3-D CAD drawings ... the industry is full on board with 3-D printing to further new product efficiencies. Why "disruptive?"


Larry, you are correct that 3-D printing has been around for years as a means of creating prototypes. What is new, however, is that the price has dropped from tens of thousands of dollars to one thousand. As the price continues to drop, they could become ubiquitous in people's homes. If that happens, a consumer will buy a download of a toy or other object and "print" it out in their own home. Thus, bypassing manufacturers and retailers.

Martyn F

Hi Richard,

Toy companies could also see this as an opportunity. Why not sell only the game rules and drawings and have people print the game parts themselves?

Of course there will also be free riders, as always. But investments could be much lower with maybe even a better turnover.

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