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March 21, 2012


David Topham

The economy will recover, but it will be through innovation and adaptation. If banks don't lend they will be replaced by crowd sourcing and private capital. American companies will rediscover branding as a stategy by focussing on quality of consumer experience and tangible differences that distinguish them from the competition rather than commodity price strategy and empty name recognition branding. Ask any kid if a licenced video game (movie tie-in) is going to be any good and they will tell you they are no good because they rely on the name recognition and fail to deliver. It's an overplayed strategy. I have recently worked in an IT capacity for Apple and Restoration Hardware. Thay are filling stores with customers that want great customer service and innovative products and are willing to pay a premium price. If you have ever had a garage sale you know that you can price low and people offer less. This is not a winning strategy.

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