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March 5, 2012


Paul Edwick

Richard, what might be interesting to your North America and European readers is how receptive local distributors are to making import relationships.

My impression has always been one of a closed market in toys based on domestic production/distribution, except probably for the few mega-businesses in our industry.

Tom Rushton

Hi Richard - Wholeheartedly agree with Paul. Learning about new opportunities and the process for entry is always intriguing. Looking forward to hearing more as you learn how to break into #7. Safe travels!


How would you describe the toys that are sold in the Brazilian market? Is licensing big there? Among Brazilian companies, are there just a few large brands that dominate or do small inventors sell most of the toys? How do their products differ from ours?


Hey Richard: GREAT article...we recently had fun introducing our concept to the Brazillian market place. As you indicate, they love their games and are looking for eco friendly and quality. Here was an interview we conducted

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