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February 12, 2012


Hohn charles

I'm more that a bit surprised you selected this item as an example of good packaging. With the world's largest retailer demanding more efficient packing (and refusing to carry this very product citing packaging as one of the issues) it is becoming more and more necessary to look for new ways to be more effective with less wated space. The package you use as an example is nearly 50% empty space, wasting resources and taking shelf space retailers don't want to give up. You might want to look at McFarlanes Walking Dead packaging for WM to see where the industry is headed, like it or not.

Jill Chase

This was meant to be a blog about successful graphics for toy packaging and from that point of view this package is successful. When you design a package many factors come into play that aren't apparent when you see it out of context. For instance this is one of 6 toys in the SKU that had to fit into the same size blister and you have to design to the largest toy, which in this case was more than twice as big. I'm very aware of the waste in our industry and recently we were deemed even worse than the cosmetic industry, which is shocking. We are always working with clients to come to the least wasteful solutions. BTW, no retailer refused this line based on the packaging.

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