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November 28, 2011


Lori Crossley

While I agree that more gender neutral advertising is an important move I always think it's necessary to be careful not to lay an adult's perspective over children's as it will provide false data for marketing and advertising. If we're discussing simple gender equality, we can simply review the layouts and count the appearance of boys and girls. If we're measuring how to best entice children to become interested in a particular toy, I think the question to ask is: do the more subliminal messages being depicted effect the way children respond to visual advertising or is visual advertising constructed the way it is because of the positive response by the intended audience.

Suzanne Player

Excellent post! I hadn't looked at the toy catalogues that closely, although I am always screening children's books for sexism.
There is no reason why girls can't be shown playing with cars, blocks, and construction sets. The cars don't have to be pink either. This is a problem that is easily taken care of by Walmart, Toys R Us, and other retailers. It doesn't take any money or additional time either. Is there any way to get Walmart's attention directly on this?


There's your answer ... 20th century glasses indeed! Great article and critique!

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