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November 21, 2011


karen hewitt

Thank you for pointing out this gender division in the Sears toy catalog. Unfortunately, this same boy/girl stereotype can be found in almost all toy stores. It seems like a backward move - back to the 1950's.


I think I will NOT shop at these stores anymore until they "queen" up their acts.

I have actually been very aware of this stuff since the '70's when I became a feminist. I watched so many friends who backslid after they had children. I think some, sadly most, people have a hard time reinventing themselves.

I gave my 3 year old great niece some blocks (beautifully colored to "feminize" them - CitiBlocks) and she told me that girls don't play with blocks. I suggested she could make doll furniture with them. Anything to learn spatial reasoning, the foundation for Math. She liked that!

I'm going to ask her next time I see her if she got that idea from looking at Toy Catalogs or did someone else give her that idea? And did they get that idea from the media? (of course, duh!)

Keep shining your light on these issues! Thanks!

Paulette M Selmi

Im shocked and appalled. Catalogues meed to show all childten plating with all toys and stop the division.

I don't care. The fact that people are pointing out all this stuff is sexist. Just enjoy a stupid book and shop for your family. Who cares What the media says and does. It's media it's all about attention. No matter how much you complain they won't care. So stop caring about it. I'll always shop the catalogs because quite frankly I don't care how many boys there are to girls. It says nothing just advertising toys and clothing and other wonderful things for your friends and family to enjoy. I do care about specializing and sexism but seriously people you gotta bitch about a simple book too? Just stop.

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