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October 11, 2011


Gina Manola

Great article, Mary! Thanks for covering this angle of game design.


Pretty insightful. Thanks!


This is a great story-we did something similar with Morphology last weekend at the Walker Art Center in Minnesota-check out the link to see!

effective resources

Diablo II had one the best pvp styles in any game.
The reason for the switch to arenas only for pvp was probably that Blizzard
wants a very story driven experience for the player/party.
To interrupt the flow of the game by some power? leveling griever, would
undoubtedly ruin what Blizzard is trying to tell and show you.
It is like reading a big book just to have your little brother come
in your room and remove the book mark. Keeping pvp in areas helps Blizzard because they can observe much.

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