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October 17, 2011



How about:

Stickers/Sticker book
Card games
Board games
Wooden blocks
and Giant cardboard boxes (not really a gift, but watch out when you give these to young children... their imaginations go WILD!)


I'm surprised you didn't include any wooden blocks ! They're the foundation and all time landmark of PLAY POWER !

Jennifer Ward

How about sticks, sand, water and paper?

Dan Limbach

Lincoln Logs
bulk Legos (not kits)
football or soccer ball
popsicle sticks and glue
sidewalk chalk
army men

Kathy Hawk


Liz Northcutt

As an inventor of a new children's board game, Lunch Box (which makes fitness fun and engaging). I can't agree more with the lists above. Being bias to educational toys... I have found board games to be a perfect gift for children parties. Especially those that require little to no set up time or lengthy instructions! My children love Sorry, Clue and Connect 4 (old school :)
These old school toys teach many of the multiple intelligences!

Liz Northcutt
Inventor of the Patent Pending Lunch Box Board Game

Richard you can filter this and not include my website as I am not trying to plug my invention here.... just wanting you to know that I am a real toy enthusiast!

Dana Campagna Lanham

Don't count out a plain deck of cards. They can make houses of cards, play basic games like Crazy 8s, Old Maid and many other standards. After all, a game is simply a toy that requires a little more thought:) No rules required.


What are "jack rocks"?
How about baby dolls, toy cars, post-it notes, simple dress-up (e.g., scarves), basic craft supplies (e.g., construction paper, scissors, glue), marbles, stacking plastic cups, jigsaw puzzles?

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