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July 9, 2011


Dan Wohlslagel

I think that people are intuitively seeking out these experiences.

People are social animals. From an evolutionary standpoint- we all crave social acceptance, and it has become a contemporary social imperative to be less authoritarian or perceptibly traditional.

Parents are being asked to be less disciplinarian, Men are being asked to be less competitive, and people in general are being asked to be less formal in approach. While we used to plan for a lifelong career sustenance from institutions and corporations- we are being asked to be more flexible.

We all have the need to prejudge people and situations, to manipulate or coerce others, and to generally shortcut basic morality for our immediate personal security. All of these impulses are based within fear.

Playfulness is a key to being creative and adaptive. As you pointed out, connecting with childhood experiences is a away to elicit a more unassuming, innocent manner.

I think that we intuitively seek out these experiences to emphatically connect with children and childhood experiences. We identify these experiences with feelings of security, connectedness, and playfulness- tools that we need to adapt to changing demands within our culture with an open and non-judgmental posture.

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