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April 8, 2011


Rob Bartel

Valley Games, the Canadian publisher of my family boardgame, "Two by Two" ( ) was savvy enough to include rulebooks in 8 different languages in the box, including simplified and traditional Chinese. A Korean fan of the game even contacted me for some clarifications so he could put out a very professional-looking Korean translation as well - .

When negotiating contracts for my games, I also try to hold onto any international and language rights that the publisher isn't going to make explicit use of, freeing me up to re-license the game in those markets. I have a number of upcoming titles that have only been licensed in English and/or for the North American market, for example, so if anyone's interested, feel free to get in touch.


The toy industry is one of the most graceful ones! There are some risks that this branch of business implies, though. One of them can be the risk of swallowing small parts or of suffocating with the film the toy is wrapped in.

Always make sure that you use a very clear and good labelling, providing all the Korean translation of the warnings and of all the indications.

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