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March 2, 2011


Mary Couzin

Richard, I very much enjoyed reading this article - thank you!

Ian McMurtrie

Trouble...Whilst Sales Director of TOLTOYS in Australia, we sold between 1966 and 1977 one million pcs.exclusively to Woolworths...
an amazing quantity considering a total population of only 18 million during this period.
Trouble is still a volume product for Milton Bradley in Australia.

Rick Greenberg

My condolences to Michael and his family. Kohner Bros. was a great company. Many of it's innovative products and pioneering marketing concepts have influenced the global toy industry till this day.

"Trouble, Trouble walk don't run. Trouble Trouble it's lot's of fun! "

The Kohners have played an positive and meaningful role in my father's life, Shelly Greenberg, as well as mine. Thank you.

Rick Greenberg

Kevin McNulty

Kohner Brothers was always on the radar of any game guy and I have always been a fan of MIke

bob gellman

My many year business relationship and wonderful personal friendship with the Kohner family was paramount re: my long career in the toy industry. Frank Kohner was a brilliant and innovating industry pioneer the likes of which, unfortunately, we will never see again.

Bob Gellman, Broadway Toys

Michael Albert

From one toy family to another teh Albert family has always loved to Kohner family and the toy business is a better place because of Michael and his family!!


wat year did the game trouble have wooden pegs and what yar did they change to plastic pegs?

Cathy Corps

I have 5 blocks that look like TVs On the back there is a big k with what looks like a ball above it and it says kohner down at the bottom it says vari-vue with a circle with a R in it then pat. pand. the front look like a TV and it says color TVand the screen moves when you move the block. Can anyone tell me anything about these or where I might find more info?

Michael Kohner

In answer to the August 5th question on Wooden pegs, it was probaly the late 60's early 70's when German wood pegs became too expensive and Chinese quality wasn't good enough. A little hazy on that but close enough!!

Michael Kohner

To September 2nd question, The toy this person is writing about was an Early Kohner Bros. item called TV WIGGLE BLOCKS. I think the technology was caled lenticular lenses which when you move the blocks a little left/right or up/down a differnt picture appears. Only 2 pics per lens. Probably used in advertising and promotion or as novelty pins, i.e smile/frown, closed mouth/kiss but Kohner Bros. saw it as a cute toy idea. This toy has to date back to the late 50's early 60's. I think there may have been 9-10 differnt blocks in an open window retail box. I was just a little shaver at the time. Don't see any samples on EBay. Best, Michael Kohner

Gary Sorkin

Besides being a fan of Kohner Brothers and a dear friend of Michael, I was deeply impressed that he knew the song, I Cried, by Jackie and The Starlighters. Michael and his lovely wife and children have made my life brighter. I knew Michael's Dad, Mom, and sister, and am a richer man for knowing The Kohners. Love to them all.

Debbie Neubauer Mcdonald

Very sad to hear about the passing of Frank. I have very fond memories of Kohner Bros. My dad worked for the company for years (Ernest Neubauer). Afraid to ask about Marta??? Regards to the family.

Angela Huffman

I love vintage anything. I can get lost for hours researching something just to know the history. I have recently bought a Shapees game by KOHNER BROS. INC. N.Y. 12 N.Y. It is a complete game and shows Patent Pending on the front of box. My question is; When was this game put on the market? This is such a neat item! If you can enlighten me at all, I would appreciate it.

Alexander Kibrik

Albert Stubbmann (who invented trouble) is my grandfather. And I'm learning about my family's history.

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