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November 3, 2010


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Rick Jackson

Richard -

Seems like the way of the future, and we'd better all get used to it. Babies are on the internet and computer. Kids today do not even respond to tactile touch beyond affection, it's all about the "wow" and the "now". Attention spans today are "zero", grossly involved in something one minute until the next stimulation appears. How is a doll or action figure supposed to compete with this ?

If someone can figure this out, we can potentially get the business back on track. Until then, we lose our audience to electronics and the digital reality that is today.

Short of a massive EMP wave that takes out the net and computers - I'm afraid we won't see a change back to old play patterns, and the dominant licenses and the "hot item of the minute" will carry the day and fill the shelves (and if you notice, there are less and less of them too every season).

Rick Jackson

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