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August 4, 2010


Ilana Sambuco-Paul

It is an interesting theory, but the only question that I have is what types of toys were the children playing with PRIOR to 9 months? I may be not be a child development specialist, but as a mom of two very young boys and a passionate toy 'observer', by 9 months- children are choosing things that they are more familiar with- and if the environment in the 0-9 months age range has only presented gender specific toys to the child- my guess is that they will likely choose what they know to play with later on. And any buyer of toys- will notice that the marketing strategy of infant toys to buyers does skew a gender specific prefence.


interesting article ... for sure all kids love puzzles


Do people really believe that at even 9 months, a child is not watching and learning? A friend who is a single mother and lives alone with her 2 1/2 year old daughter recently asked her daughter to open a box. Finding it difficult, her daughter responded, 'I'm not a MAN!"
If at even that young age, in a house with a mother that does everything, a child can perceive and verbalize societal stereotypes in gender roles, doesn't it make you wonder how much a 9 month old is picking up? It's not like they live in a vacuum.

Nike dunks

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